Rancho Chess Tournament 2020 by Jomofi.com

Rancho Chess Tournament 2020

During this unfortunate times of lockdown, while most other sports halted their grand-events,

Somehow Chess in India became a hot trend, all thanks to the Youtube live streaming sessions by Samay Raina, who happened to be a comedian before the infamous lockdown.

Taking this trend further to make Chess a mainstream sport in India, Jomofi.com has partnered with Rancho App for Online Chess Tournament.

Rancho Chess Tournament is an India Level competition where chess players from different states will battle out to win the competition. This online event is designed for a period of 1 month.

Daily 1 Arena Tournament will be played with all the participants.

Time- 8 pm to 9 pm

Time Control- 5 min (No increment)

Participation is open for all the residents of India. The tournament will start on 28th Aug 2020.

Prizes worth Rs 30,000 sponsored by Rancho.

Do I need to travel somewhere to participate in this tournament?

No, this tournament is completely online. All the participants will be able to register and play from their homes. You don’t need to travel to participate in this tournament.

I am a beginner in Chess, can I join in this tournament or only pro players are allowed?

Yes, of course, you can join this tournament. No matter whether you are a beginner or a pro chess player, this tournament is open for all.

Don’t fear to lose. If you don’t win, then you get learnings from your defeat.

Are there any fees to join this tournament?

No, this tournament is free to join for everyone. You don’t have to pay any registration fee for this tournament. The prizes and gift hampers are given by the tournament sponsors.

Who are the organizers of this tournament? What is Rancho App?

This tournament is organized and managed on Jomofi.com, it is a platform for Esports tournament and players. Jomofi has partnered with Rancho App because they also have the vision to make Chess a popular sport in India.

Rancho app provides online courses for IIT JEE aspirants.

There are few more supporters from the Indian Chess community.

What is the format of the tournament?

Daily 1 Arena Tournament will be played from 8 pm to 9 pm. All the participants will play during this 60 minutes and try to score the maximum points. Players are paired nonstop after their games until the timer runs out.

What are the prizes for the winners?

The main aim of this tournament is to provide the chance of growth to the players in a real tournament environment. Besides, there are prizes for the winners from Rancho App.

Champion of the Month - Rs 500 cash prize + Rancho's IITians Plan Subscription for 2 Years worth Rs 2250

Runner up of the Month - Rancho's IITians Plan Subscription for 1 Year worth Rs 1850

3rd Rank of the Month - Rancho's IITians Plan Subscription for 3 Month worth Rs 1250

Daily 1st Rank - Rancho's IITians Plan Subscription for 1 Month worth Rs 750

Daily 2nd Rank - IITian Mentorship Plan worth Rs 125

“Don’t let your fear of failing win over the joy of participating. Participation is more important than winning.”

How are the daily and monthly winners calculated?

Daily winners will be announced just after the daily tournament ends. Top scorers will be tracked on Jomofi leaderboard daily, to get the monthly winners.

If I win any prize, how will I get it?

All the winners will be directly contacted by a team member from Jomofi. You can also reach out to the support section provided on the Jomofi.com website.

How to register?

Interested players can visit the Rancho Chess Tournament registration link or directly go to Jomofi.com.

Where to watch this tournament live?

You can enjoy the live stream of this tournament on Jomofi Youtube Channel.

For any help or support regarding this tournament, you can reach out to Jomofi support team

Call- 8851529848